Jeremy's Stances on the Issues



  • I am in favor of property crime reduction policies that will stop cars being broken into, bikes from being stolen, etc. – No more “Catch and release”.
  • Will support policies that go after the drug problem in Montana, whether it is the opioid crises or meth epidemic. 


  • I am pro-business and support policies that encourage higher wage growth so that people do not have to leave Great Falls to find higher paying jobs.

Gun Rights

  • I fully support the 2nd Amendment


  • Montana is one of 13 states that taxes social security payments. I intend to sponsor or vote for a law that stops the tax on social security income.
  • I won’t support a sales tax. 

Health/Social Policy

  •  I believe we need to develop a better mental health system infrastructure

Natural Resource Development

  • I support the responsible development of our natural resources to provide money for schools and economic development.

If you vote for ideas, not just a person or a party, considered what I’ve presented here.

I will be available to you. Do you have a comment or a question? Contact me!